Narrow down on your interests

Narrow down on your interests

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Narrow down on your interests

Dear sir,
I am studying in class 10. I want to have a career in the field of Robotics, since it is a fast emerging field. I am comfortable with mathematics but feel a bit uneasy with Computers. Would it be okay if I did PCMB in class 12? What are the other courses I should take after my class 12? What are the various universities providing the same? I want to study abroad. Please give me all the other requirements  and information if any.

Dear Gauri

Yes, robotics is certainly a fast emerging and promising field.  Start exploring it from now.  After your 10th Board exams, you can even do some short term courses offered by many private institutes such as Young Brain India  ( and Intitute of Electronics & Telecom Engineers, Ganganagar to get a feel of the world of robotics.  Subsequently, it may be better if you take up PCM with Electronics rather than Biology for your +2, and then prepare for JEE and CET to get into a good engineering colleges.  A few colleges do offer Robotics or Mechatronics at the undergraduate level, but you can also take up a degree in electronics or mechanical engineering and then specialise in robotics at postgraduation level. Meanwhile, do get over your uneasiness about computers, practice different programs and apps in your free time, and if necessary, take up a part time short term course in basics of computer applications.

Dear Sir,
I like to write fantasy stories and want to be a writer but my parents say that I cannot be a professional writer. I like English Literature and want to study the subject further. I do not know what career options I have. Is journalism the only option? Are there any other career options that suits my interest? Please guide me.

Dear NK
It is definitely possible to
become a professional writer and make a lucrative career.  You can either choose an area of specialisation to write in such as wildlife, fashion and travel. To embark in this field, you should first acquire a degree in that field, or be a generalist by taking up a degree programme in courses such as literature, communicative writing, and optional English.  At postgraduate level you can do a one-year PG diploma or two year Masters programme in Mass Communication.

Some of the reputed institutions that provide good courses are English and Foreign Languages University Hyderabad (,  Institute of Advanced Studies in English Pune (, Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi (  Some of the career options include teaching, writing for print or electronic media, becoming an
author, content writer, editor, translator and speech writer.

Dear Sir,
I'm a third year civil engineering student from Bagalkot, Karnataka. Can you please suggest me the courses I should opt for to build a attractive resume. Since class 9, people around me have been suggesting to opt for IAS as I've always been good and social and economics. But what stops me is that I've heard it is a very difficult course and if I don't clear, I might waste the time that I could have utilised for further education. I have received low scores for the past 2 years of the engineering programme because of my poor health. However, I have decided to perform the best and score high marks for rest of the two years.

Dear Giridhar,
It is good to see your enthusiasm and desire to carve out a good future for yourself, Giridhar. You should certainly make all efforts to improve your grades which became low due to poor health.  It will be helpful whether you seek a job or admission for higher studies. It is true that the Civil Services exam for IAS (see website, is highly competitive, and you often need to give up other commitments and make number of attempts beore you succeed. 

Do check out where your interest and aptitude lies in – will you be better in technical civil engineering work, would you like to get into teaching and research, does your passion lie in managing people or business, etc. Depending on that, you can focus on what path you will take and start preparing for entrance exams systematically. Also work on improving your communication, general knowledge and current affairs awareness.

Dear Sir,
I will be pursuing my PGDM this September. I have done my B.Com (with a specialisation in Finance), from Bangalore University. I am confused about the specialisation that I can opt for in my PGDM. I found Operations Management interesting.Could you please tell me the job opportunities and the scope of Operation Management? And also, does Operation Management have similar weightage as HR or Finance in today's scenario?

Dear RR,
Weightage and scope keeps changing from time to time, so make your choice based on what you are good at and what interests you. Even if the scope goes down in any field, if you are good at it, you will continue to progress. Operation Management is indeed a challenging field that involves skills such as strategic planning, good analytical ability, handling people, ability to travel and adapt to different environments, and an eye for detail. 

Since you have time before you need to select your specialisation in third semester spend time exploring and understanding the field, and if it suits you, go ahead.

Dear Sir, 
I am doing my 3rd year in computer science engineering. I had opted for PCMB during my PUC and now since I have directly entered CSE, I am finding it slightly difficult in a few topics. I was very much interested in biology an im still looking forward to do something in biology stream but I cannot leave engineering have way. Could you let me know if it is possible to merge biology and computer science? If this does not work, could you advise on what I should do - continue with CSE and do my MS or do something in biology? If I am doing MS, I am planning to do it abroad and I am going to begin my preparations for GRE. Kindly suggest something as I am very confused and want to do something different.

Dear Shwetha,
Though it is sad that you came into computer science engineering despite your love for biology, there is no need to regret Shwetha. There are many ways the two can be merged to form a unique career, hence if you are doing fairly well and not failing in subjects, it is better to complete your degree with good marks. Start exploring areas such as bio-informatics, bio-physics, applications of computer science in healthcare, agriculture and keep yourself abreast of latest developments in life sciences.

Start narrowing down which field of biology interests you most, and prepare your CV and your SoP (Statement of Purpose, which you will have to submit to foreign universities where you seek admission). You will be able to find interesting options at the post-graduation level.

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