Expert notes lack of life-changing research

Expert notes lack of life-changing research

Plain speak from DU prof.

Delhi University (South Campus) Prof Deepak Pental said the country is dramatically underperforming in agriculture in terms of quality and food production, despite having over 100 R&D (research and development) institutes and 70 standalone agriculture universities.

Speaking at the panel discussion on the subject, ‘Innovations in Agriculture and Agro products’, organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) here on Thursday, Pental lamented that none of these have produced a revolutionary innovative product that can transform the life of a farmer in the country.

Change APMC Act

ITC Agri Business Division Chief Executive S Sivakumar said, “India has achieved self sufficiency in food production compared with 60 years ago. However, we should look beyond just producing rice and wheat and focus on other areas like fruits and vegetables and other food grains.”

He also focused on changing the age old APMC (agricultural produce market committee) Act to suit to today’s needs and we should aim at giving more price to farmers produce.

Speaking on ‘Make in India —Digital & Engineered Manufacturing’, Ampere Vehicles Founder and CEO Hemalatha Annamalai said, “SMEs (small and medium enterprises) are suffering due to lack of support from the government and financial institutions.”