Pizzas get a sweet makeover

Last Updated 26 August 2015, 18:23 IST
How about having a topping of rabri khurchan or mousse instead of the usual onion, capsicum and tomatoes on your preferred pizza base? Experimenting with the traditional pizza, restaurants across the city have introduced ‘dessert pizzas’ by playing with toppings that are sweet in nature.

“Dessert pizzas are surely not very popular in India and still need a lot of awareness. We started this concept about six months back. Customers showed curiosity, wanting to know more about the same. What made our belief strong on dessert pizzas was the acceptance,” Rajat Kapoor, owner at Grub House cafe at Rajouri Garden tells Metrolife.

With toppings ranging from cream biscuits, fruits and caramelised apples to Oreo chunks, vanilla and kheer, such pizzas are being liked by the young and old alike.

“Dessert Pizzas are a fusion take on Indian desserts. Also, they are introduced keeping in mind youngsters’ and kids’ love for pizzas. While the mithai’s popularity is going down owing to the calorie conscious new generation, awareness about fusion pizzas is growing,”
says Umang Tewari, owner at Vault Cafe in Connaught Place.

Sharing the idea behind introducing dessert pizzas on its menu, Priyank Sukhija, owner at The Project in Hauz Khas Village, tells Metrolife that the thought of introducing them on the menu struck him on his trip to London last year.

“Pizza is the most simplest and popular food where one can keep experimenting and innovating...and because there are so many types of desserts and combinations to choose from, the dessert pizza can take on endless possibilities of flavours, crusts, condiments and styles that it will make even the pickiest eaters happy.

Dessert Pizzas are surely the result of fusion cuisine reaching new heights. They surely bring out the Epicurean in you,” Sukhija says.

Priced Rs 300 onward, Kapoor says the cost involved in making desert pizzas are much higher as “we have to use best of ingredients with right texture and flavours”.

“I feel this segment has a lot of potential to grow as innovations are endless. Also people are open to experimentation and are not hesitant to try new flavours. I would not say one can use these as birthday cakes, but it is recommendable as a dessert on occasions,” he adds.

Talking about various flavours Sukhija says, “We haven’t made separate section for dessert pizzas with the option of about five to six different varieties like Caramel Apple Pizza, Nutella and Banana Pizza, Chocolate Almond Orange Pizza.”

While Nutella and Banana Pizza is a take on dessert pizza keeping extreme sweet buds in mind. The texture of these pizzas is crispy and soft, with banana adding the sweet fruity taste and Nutella chocolate balancing the dessert angle. “Also we have Chocolate Almond Orange Pizza which is a little tangy (in taste) because orange is the main ingredient,” she adds.

(Published 26 August 2015, 15:30 IST)

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