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Tag for a cause

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Tag for a cause

Campaigns and messages on social media have always stirred a hornet’s nest. The thoughts of the netizens never go noticed irrespective of whether it brings about any change in the society or helps solve an issue.

The latest campaign, which is spreading like wildfire online, is the #GirlLove campaign started by YouTube sensation Lily Singh aka IIsuperwomanII. Ever since she asked the women viewers, through her video, to make a New Year resolution — to stop hating other women or pull them down — the response has been tremendous.

Not just that, she asked her fans across the globe to upload pictures of the person who has influenced and inspired them, to say something positive about the person and post it on their social media page using the hashtag. Closer home, Bengalureans too have taken it up and is pulling all stops in catching up with the campaign.

Jennie George, a theatre practitioner, has posted a picture with her friend Linnet Elza Mathew on her Facebook page saying, “You light up a room every single time you walk into one...” Further, she explains, “Society has been comparing one woman with another on a regular basis. These questions could make some insecure. Also, movies are filled with the ‘perfect popular’ girls, and that’s a terrible example to set. I love this campaign to lift other women up. And that’s why I took it up.”

There’s also Bhandavya AR, an executive assistant, who believes that it’s a great initiative to bring a small matter, such as this, to limelight. She says, “We, knowingly or unknowingly, get involved in criticising others and make ourselves look bad in return. It’s important that we have each other’s shoulder and be supportive no matter what.”

Talking about why she wanted to start this campaign, Lily says this happened when her friend was degraded by fellow employees. She says, “To be honest, I’ve experienced and witnessed countless acts of hatred between women. When a female artiste releases a song, it is disheartening to see, in the comments section, people comparing her with other female artistes and pulling her down. Most recently, it was my friend’s text message that gave me the final nudge to launch this campaign. She told me how her female co-workers  were giving her a hard time and trying desperately to pull her down. I had an overwhelming feeling of disappointment because as powerful women, I know we can and should be better.”

As for Ashwini Ranjan, a software professional, this campaign is not just about a hashtag that’s trending. It is a way to tell her friends how much they mean to her. “Sometimes, we take advantage of the people who are in our lives and don’t appreciate how much they mean to us. I’m now glad that the world knows how much my childhood friends, Chaitra, Nandana and Anusha, mean to me.”

Rumela Nellore, a homemaker, has praised her mother, Manju Sen, on Facebook, for being a great influence in her life. She uploaded a picture of her mom saying, “Throughout my life, you have always been the strength that holds me up in the storm of life...”

The idea of this campaign is not just to uplift a friend but any women who have influenced you. Pranupa Gowda posted a picture of Kiran Bedi, on her Facebook wall.

Meanwhile, Twitter, is also flooded with celebrities like Amy Poehler, Priyanka Chopra, Nagris Fakhri, Kandee Johnson and more who are supporting this cause.

To this, Lily says, “Although the #GirlLove campaign has gotten so much attention from influential women and the media, I don’t believe it’s the type of campaign that can make an impact in just a few days. Although the challenge aspect is to tweet or post a compliment for another woman, the idea is to make a long term change, I hope that the impact of the campaign is for women everywhere to break the cycle of thought that’s been taught to us by the media, society and our families. The goal is to be self-aware, control our minds and make a positive change.”