A creative presentation

A creative presentation

Artwork on conflict

The first thing that catches the eye as you enter the gallery is a sculpture of a man sitting on a commode. With a pensive look on his face, he holds a book with the title ‘Peace and Conflict’.

Entitled ‘Thinker of New World Order’, this work by Mir Imtiyaz is based on world politics. “So many places like Syria and Kashmir are embroiled in conflict. Countries like America have the hegemony, but a resolution for peace never comes out. All efforts end up getting flushed. This work is a satire on the entire situation,” says the artist, who is the head of the department of sculpture at the Jamia Millia Islamia University.

This work and many others come together under ‘Reformist Art Moves’, a group exhibition of art, sculpture and photography by the masters from the central university. Curated by Kishore Labar, the show features works by 13 professors and lecturers.

“The main idea is to open a wide gamut of work for the public to create awareness about art and create an impact. There is no other way to educate the masses rather than through the works of the masters themselves. These professors understand art and create balanced pieces of work,” Labar tells Metrolife.

The show features nearly 26 works by Mamoon Nomani, S M Shahid Jawed, Seeme Murtaza, Bindulika Sharma, Hafeez Ahmed, Mohd. Firoz Ali, Shah Abul Faiz, Sabir Ali, Shabnam Khan, Shiraz Usmani, Anupama Kumari, Vinita Kumari and Imtiyaz.

“My works are based on the theme of global warming, which is a cause of concern. While in one of my works, Lunal Eclipse, I have shown how the sun has turned black because of the phenomenon; in the other, titled Moon in the Dark, I have shown the copper-coloured moon to be a ray of hope even in an atmosphere which has turned black,” says Nomani, associate professor, department of fine arts and art education, faculty of education.

The exhibition is on view till January 7 at Studio 55, Cafe and Art Gallery, Sunder Nagar.