It's all about the pretty little things

It's all about the pretty little things

Sister act

It's all about the pretty little things

Two sisters, Bindushri and Sindushri, always had a knack for arts and crafts. While many stopped making handmade products after graduating from elementary school, these two never found a reason to stop. In order to pursue their love for creating colourful handmade products, and also for Bindu to give her son a grand birthday, they decided to start ‘Craftillicious’ — an event styling company.

Though both of them started the business together, Bindu handles the work along with a few helpers. She says, “My sister works from the US where she handles the online designing — tags, invites, photo props etc. She also sends supplies that aren’t easily available here.”

Talking about how the start-up came about, Bindu says, “To begin with ‘Craftillicious’ was never in our plans. My son, Krishanth, was our main inspiration. We both became very excited to plan his first birthday and that’s when we decided to make handcrafted items for it. When that turned out to be a grand success, we had friends and family who approached us to plan their little one’s birthday as well. By then, we gradually inclined towards carious paper crafts, upcycling and the urge to create handmade products.”
Now, it’s been two years since the two engineerings chose this as their full-time profession.

They research on all the possible ideas from which they can work on for the particular themes requested by their clients.

However, what makes them unique is that they never repeat their ideas. She says, “We don’t like to work with the same idea again. Even if the theme is same, we make sure that we create everything from scratch for each client. Also, once the party is over, we let them keep the items they like the most so that they can use it as a souvenir or as part of their kid’s bedroom.”

When asked which one was their favourite project to work with, she says, “The first one that I made for my son is a memorable one; it was a ‘Gummy Bear’ themed one That’s how we began after all! For his second birthday, we had an animal-themed one and then a ‘Mickey Mouse Club House’ one. He’s already made his demand for this year’s birthday too. But apart from the personal one, I enjoyed making for one of our client’s daughter, Meera. The mother was very enthusiastic about everything we did and wanted everything to be colour co-ordinated. We even had to import certain materials to meet her demand.”
Though the start-up is a success now, Bindu recalls how she didn’t have the support of her husband and parents when she started off. She says, “I used to work in the IT field which I quit to be with my son. So my husband and parents weren’t so keen on letting me start this because they thought I wasn’t cut out for it. However, after my many successes, they realised that I had the potential to do it and they support now.”

While they started off by just quilling and making bookmarks, today they create everything from cloud wall hangings to backdrops to photo props to other decorations to make one’s party a grand success.

They say, “We know how special someone’s birthday is and we’re glad that we could be a part of it. It only comes once a year, so make it a grand event!”

You can contact ‘Craftillicious’ at 96864 77866.