Woman, lover kill her child for hindering their affair: Police

Woman, lover kill her child for hindering their affair: Police

Woman, lover kill her child for hindering their affair: Police

A 32-year-old woman hit her small daughter on the head with a wooden log, making her unconscious. The woman’s boyfriend then choked the girl to death.

The woman was angry at her daughter as she considered her an “obstacle” in her extramarital affair.

The shocking crime was reported at Shivapura, Peenya, north Bengaluru, on Sunday night. The arrests were made on Tuesday.

The woman, Rekha Mondal, had married Dinesh Mondal. The couple had a daughter named Babli and lived in Chikkabidarakallu for over eight years. Rekha started working at a garment factory four years ago where she met Bidyut Mondal and got in a relationship with him. All of them hail from West Bengal.

Dinesh learnt about his wife’s affair and warned her. But she didn’t pay heed and instead decided to leave her husband and marry Bidyut.

A few months ago, she took Babli along and moved in with Bidyut. But Babli wasn’t happy and would keep asking about her father, Dinesh. Rekha would get annoyed and often beat her. On Sunday night, when Babli asked about her father again, Rekha took a wooden log and hit her on the head. Bidyut then choked her to death.

The next morning, neighbours were shocked to find Babli dead and Rekha in mourning.
They asked her how she died but Rekha didn’t have a satisfactory explanation.

They grew suspicious as they had seen Babli in a playful mood just on Sunday evening. They reported the matter to the police who arrived at the spot and sent the body for the post-mortem.

A senior police officer said, “The autopsy report said the girl suffered a head injury and was choked to death. We detained Rekha and Bidyut and interrogated them. Before long, they confessed to the crime. They said Babli was pestering Rekha to go back to Dinesh. Bidyut didn’t like her either.”

Some teachers at Babli’s school also approached the police, saying the girl had bruises, swollen legs and hands. She would complain that her mother was beating her, the officer added.