Start meditating for stress-free life

Start meditating for stress-free life

Today, a large number of people all over the world are turning towards meditation to achieve their goal of stress-free and happy life.

But, one must also understand that it requires a lot of patience and perseverance as the mind takes time to tame. Hence it would be wrong to expect all the benefits of meditation in the first few attempts. To make the process simpler, it can be split into steps for easy comprehension.

To start with one needs to turn inside. Remember,within every human being there is the seed of goodness and touching base with our own original qualities can be taken simply as an experiment to start with. Next, after having turned inwards, one should focus on qualities such as love, peace and truth and create these thoughts within our mind in a very conscious way.

This will provide us with quite a wide range of thoughts to think about. After a while, you will probably find the speed of your thoughts slowing down and start to experience these particular thoughts remaining still and quiet. Remember, relaxation of the mind is experienced when one is in union with the Supreme.

So the third step would be to take our thoughts beyond the physical dimension. This does neither constitute a very long distance, nor does it take up time. This dimension is just one thought away from the dimension of physical matter, i.e remaining in consciousness of an eternal soul and not physical body made up of 5 elements. One could easily experience that inspite of constant movement and fluctuation in the outside world, there is stillness within and in that stillness, focus on another point with the awareness that this light is linking up with the Supreme.

Each time we experience this union, we feel as if energy from supreme is filling our life. Remember! We can be taught by someone how to ride a bicycle, but to be able to do meditation, we would have to experience all by ourself. Please keep in mind, nobody can stabilise their mind the first few times, however, with practice it becomes a normal course of life. Alas, it is not sufficient to just read about it. Just get up and start meditating today!

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