Wearing many hats.

Wearing many hats.

A class apart

Wearing many hats.

The trailer of ‘Badmaash’ was recently released by Shivarajkumar and actor Dhananjaya who sports ten different looks in the film, confesses that he couldn’t think of a better person, to release the trailer than Shivarajkumar.

Dhananjaya says the trailer will give the viewers a gist of the movie and will arouse the curiosity of any movie buff. One will get a clear insight into the colour, drama and romance that has been carefully woven into the film.

The release date for ‘Badmaash’ is yet to be set but Dhananjaya has already been getting compliments about his performance.

He is also set to slip into the character of flirt in a film directed by Guruprasad and will portray a negative role in ‘Tagaru’ opposite Shivarajkumar. In an interview with Nina C George, the actor talks about the making of ‘Badmaash’.  

What’s special about the trailer of ‘Badmaash’?  
The trailer will give one a clue about the main plot of the film. It portrays how the common man gets sucked into the corruption, ingrained in the political system. It shows the nexus between the powers that be and the underworld and how the law is tweaked to fulfill the interests of a few people.

How has Shivarajkumar influenced you?
I chose to work in ‘Tagaru’ because acting with Shivarajkumar and being directed by Suri sounded like an exciting proposition. The smallest act of kindness can go a long way in making someone happy and I’ve experienced this with Shivarajkumar. His inexhaustible energy and positive outlook has inspired me. There was one scene during the shooting of ‘Tagaru’, where I urgently needed a black T-Shirt and didn’t have one and the scene was ready to be shot. Shivarajkumar had a spare one. He instantly handed it over to me and asked me to wear it. Not many people have that kind of presence of mind.

Why should one watch ‘Badmaash’?
The younger generation will be able to relate to the happenings in ‘Badmaash’ and perhaps draw a lesson or two from it. What happens when a group of like-minded people come to together, to do something for the larger good of society, forms the crux of the story. It provokes people to act against what is not fair rather than be a silent spectator.

Any unforgettable moments when shooting for the film?
There was an action sequence that we shot at Nayandahalli underpass where I come face-to-face with the villain. The scene was not only an intense one but extremely engaging as well. It is a neat blend of action and dialogue. I convey what I have to say in a subtle way.   

What was it like acting with Sanchita Shetty?
She has done really well for herself in the project. Her presence is crucial for some of the scenes.  

What kind of roles interest you?
I enjoy working on characters that are subtle and I make sure that my choice of projects never get repetitive or monotonous.

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