Kate Winslet planning move to UK

Kate Winslet planning move to UK

Kate Winslet planning move to UK

Kate Winslet

The Oscar-winning actress, who was born in Reading, Berkshire, is keen to give up her New York residence after the seven-year-old marriage with Mendes ended this month, reported Daily Mail online.

"Kate doesn't know quite what to do. The people she's close to in New York are mums in schools but she thinks that will all change. Her real friends - Emma Thompson, her sister Anna and her parents - are all over here," said a source.

The 34-year-old actress married Mendes in 2003 and the couple have a son together. She also has a daughter from her previous marriage to director Jim Threapleton.

"Kate feels she needs a support system, but she is torn because she doesn't want to disrupt her kids and is able to be very low-key in New York," the source added.

Winslet had become "frustrated" with Mendes' close friendship with English actress Rebecca Hall, 27.

She fled to Mexico immediately after news of their split broke out to avoid the media glare. The actress has been receiving support from her 'Titanic' co-star Leonardo DiCaprio since the separation.

Winslet reportedly split from Mendes, 44, after he told her he could never be with just one woman for the rest of his life.