Bitten by acting bug

Bitten by acting bug

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Bitten by acting bug

Daring: Amit Sial

Amit has been acting from a young age itself. “I did a workshop with Barry John back in 1994 and have been acting since,” says Amit. But in spite of his involvement in dramatics, after college, he travelled to Melbourne to pursue his post-graduation.

“I worked over there for a year and then shifted back to India in 2001,” he adds. So why did he decide to switch back to acting after so long? “An old friend of mine was producing something on Mahabharata while I was in Delhi. I auditioned for it and got the taste of acting again,” he says laughing.

Subsequently, Amit moved to Mumbai to pursue his acting career. How did he manage to get a part in LSD? “I knew Dibakar from the time of Hope and a Little Sugar but lost touch in between. When I found that he was making LSD, I called him for an audition. He wasn’t convinced at first because he was casting only newcomers. But I told him that nobody recognised me, so I was as good as a newcomer,” he says.

And how was Dibakar as a director? “I think every actor should work with him once in his or her lifetime. He has such an eye for detail and technical knowledge. He is a complete film-maker, dedicated to every aspect of a movie,” he says.

“The movie had a lot of long shots and we had to do scenes in one shot. It was like acting on stage,” he says. In the movie, Amit plays a suicidal sting journalist who meets a girl, who is wronged by a popular pop star. “My story is about how they get together to do a sting operation on the pop star. The movie, otherwise, has three separate stories, all based on how people behave in their private lives,” he says.

And speaking about sting operations, what’s his take on the excessive use of spy camera for reasons as varied as serious news to entertainment?

He says, “I am little confused on the topic but I believe if something good comes out of it, like in the case of a political sting operation, it’s alright. But using it as a cheap gimmick to expose people’s private lives is not.”

On his future projects, he says, “I have one movie that is about to finish called With Love to Obama. I am doing a couple of more projects but can’t talk about them right now.”