Only if I were free!

I want to be a Human
“Only if I were free!!
I truely wish it would be
But alas! I’m imprisoned here
By the bars of a cage none can see”.
Says the little bird to the tree,
“You have butterflies fluttering around
Can’t you see their happiness?
But it brings me immense grief.
“For you see I’m imprisoned
In a cage none can see.
My master makes me sing to his choice
and dance to their tune and all.”
“I wish I could fly beyond the planes
Because there’s no limit for me
And travel every-where far and wide
As fast as my wings can take me”.
“I wish to travel to another world
And learn its beautiful tune.
I wish I could fly to the moon,
From there take a big dive.”
“I dream of all animal and birds
That I can meet if I’m free
And also my long lost friends,
But where will I search my family”?
“Now here comes my mistress
Asking me to sing a song
But she always asks me to repeat
What she has thought before.”
“My mistress doesn’t uncderstand me,
I’m different as you can see.
I want to learn something new
And show the world what I can do.”
“Who will I tell what I want
Wasn’t I deprived of my family?
And my mistress a human she is
Can’t hear my sorrowful chirps”
“I wish I were free to run out
and chase my beloved dream
I wish I were a human being
to be valued and to be free”

By Madhu Hrudaya,
1st P U C, St. Aloysius
PU College, Mangalore.


The day is very sunny
for me to eat ice cream slowly
The day is very cloudy
for me to rush indoors quickly
The day is very cold
for me to enjoy the weather happily
The day I love is spring
for me to enjoy flowers falling down on me
Sanjana Mugalvalli
Sri Kumaran’s Children's Home, Bangalore

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