Health hazards on the rise

Health hazards on the rise

Health hazards on the rise

Gastroenteritis, typhoid, skin allergies and a host of children's health issues. The hazards linked to the pollution in Varthur and Bellandur lakes are mounting.

Studies conducted locally in Varthur have also indicated a spike in neurology-related cases such as epilepsy in the last four months. 

Dr Reena Sunil, paediatric consultant at a private clinic in Bellandur, believes that the foam and froth raked up by the lake have had a telling effect on people living around the area.

She says, “Parents have been bringing their children with complaints of respiratory diseases which they now believe are becoming prolonged and chronic. Parents feel the ailments are a result of the rising smog in the lakes.”

The allergies, Dr Reena says, have had a domino effect on people in the area, most of whom are working parents who find it tough to attend to their kids when they fall ill. Many people are even ready to relocate so as to get some respite from the increasing problems of the area.

Geetha Anand, a resident of Thippasandra, has figured out her ways to watch what she and her family consumes. She has always picked her vegetables from departmental stores that are willing to divulge information about the source of their produce.

She is very particular about not buying “pretty looking vegetables”. “Anything that is shiny and very rich to look at doesn’t appeal to me as I know they have been made to look beautiful but have been robbed of their nutritive value,” she says.

“I prefer the ordinary looking fare as I know they have not been treated. Besides I have my routine to clean greens with salt and also thoroughly wash the veggies before cooking them. Carrots are best washed in hot water so that their skin, which is loaded with nutrients, can be retained,” she suggests.