CMC member stages lone protest for parity in funds

CMC member stages lone protest for parity in funds

Leela Sheshamma alleges discrimination under Nagarothana project

City Municipal Council member Leela Sheshamma on Monday staged a lone protest alleging discrimination in allocation of grants sanctioned under the third phase of the Nagarothana project. Leela, who represents Ward 7 in the Council, staged a sit-in till the evening hours, but withdrew the agitation after a battery of officials led by City Municipal Council president Kaveramma Somanna assured her that they would take corrective measures.

Leela claimed that, although majority of the population in the ward belongs to SC/ST, the local body has failed to take steps to ensure their development. “When the ward needs at least of Rs 40 lakh, the Council has allotted Rs 28 lakh under different heads. Most of the works, including that of Mallikarjun Nagar remain, are yet to be taken up due to paucity of funds,” she argued. “SC households alone account for 45 families in the ward. They are bereft of stormwater drains and checkwall facilities, a must to prevent untoward incidents in the future, due to sand dune covering the dwellings,” she pointed out.

She also threatened to resign, as she felt it not worthy of continuing as representative for failing to take up works even with the Nagarothana grants sanctioned under the chief minister’s one-time grant in five years.

Support for protest
Leela later found support in Arun Shetty, president of Deshapremi Yuvaka Sangha, who also staged a protest along with her. When the officials led by City Municipal Council president Kaveramma Somanna and vice president T S Prakash arrived at the spot, Leela, who had initially refused to budge, called it off in the evening, following assurances with regard to her demands. Municipal Commissioner B Shubha and standing committee president K S Ramesh accompanied Kaveramma Somanna to the protest venue.