It's poster perfect

It's poster perfect

IPL fun

It's poster perfect

The IPL matches are never short of entertainment or drama. Enthusiastic Bengalureans have taken to proclaiming their support and love for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) by not only wearing team jerseys but also through wacky posters.

The match between RCB and Gujarat Lions was a disappointment for many an RCB fan, but they still held up posters which pledged their support and love for the team.

Mathew George, who came to the stadium with his cousins, said that posters are integral accessories during crucial matches. “I think posters help cheer up the players if they happen to see it. It’s good to instill a positive spirit in the RCB players when they are not performing well and helps to convey what we fans feel,” said Mathew.

A first-time visitor to the IPL matches, Chetan was sported with a poster that carried an impassioned plea to Virat Kohli to save RCB. Chetan said, “I made the poster myself. I don’t care what his performance was like today, every player has good and bad days. Virat is a wonderful player and I admire him a lot.” However, not everyone is interested in posters and accessories. “I am not interested in all these things. I just came here to watch the match with my family,” says Hamsa.

A lot of thought goes into penning down words on a poster. This, and the emotion behind it, was evident in the poster made by Nandan Padmanabha and sister Kushi —  The words ‘49 and 263, RCB fan till I die’ stood out on a red background. “We chose the number 49 because it is the lowest score this season and 263 is the highest.

The idea of juxtaposing the numbers was to convey to the team that no matter how they perform we are with them and that our loyalties won’t change,” said Nandan Padmanabha. His mother Shanthala pitched in “The posters are a way of pepping up the spirits of the RCB team and encouraging them not to give up hope. We find the IPL format of cricket very entertaining and easy to follow. There’s so much action both on and off the pitch.”