Sharjah launches crackdown on 'lungi'

Sharjah launches crackdown on 'lungi'

There has, however, been no official communication to this effect. Local reports said an Asian man was arrested and interrogated by police patrols in Sharjah a few days ago for wearing lungi in public. He was told not to wear the dress in public.

The news has had mixed reactions from Indians in the UAE even from those who rarely venture out in the traditional wear. “I never wear it outside my home and never would. But I still don’t understand what is the problem as long as lungi properly covers the body. Probably this person was wearing a lungi that did not have its two ends stitched together,” said Srikumar, a Keralite in Dubai.

It is largely believed that indecent and revealing clothes are generally discouraged and this is an extension of the same. “The decency law was implemented in Sharjah ten years ago,” said a government official. 

He said people were expected to wear decent clothes in public, but did not explain if there was a ban on wearing the lungi in public.

Besides Indians, people from Pakistan, Myanmar and other South Asian countries also wear the lungi.