Smuggled gold worth Rs 64 lakh seized during November

Smuggled gold worth Rs 64 lakh seized during November

In six separate cases during the month of November, Customs officials have confiscated gold worth Rs 64 lakh, stated a press release.

803 gram gold was seized when a passenger tried to smuggle the yellow metal by powdering and mixing it with a chemical to convert it into a gummy substance and by filling it in sandals.

In a different case, a passenger had hidden four gold biscuits weighing 466.4 gram, under the arc of his feet, which were covered with foot bands and had then worn socks over it.

On the same day, another passenger hid three pieces of a gold biscuit weighing 184.29 gram, in the inner pocket of his trousers.

The very next day, yet another smuggler tried to transport the gold illegally by concealing four gold biscuits weighing 466.5 grams, in his rectum.

In two other cases, the passengers wore gold kadas, weighing 221 gms, which were coated with Rhodium to make it appear like steel.

The total weight of gold seized during the month is 2.141 kg and is valued at Rs64.38 lakhs.

Among the six passengers intercepted for smuggling gold, three are from Kasargod, two from Bhatkal and one from Dakshina Kannada. All had arrived from Dubai.

Investigation is in progress in all the cases.