Remembering a legend

Remembering a legend

Actors across film industries are saddened by the passing away of legendary actor Shashi Kapoor. It was his strong personality and charming demeanour that impressed them all. The 'Deewar' star's deep love for theatre and interest in every aspect of filmmaking set him apart from actors of his time. A few actors share with 'Metrolife' their memories of him.


Raveena Tandon

"I have grown up watching Shashi Kapoor's films and I have had the chance to observe him from close quarters because he worked with my father. I remember him as a stylish and classy gentleman. Shashi Kapoor had a house in Goa and we would visit him there once in a while. While the children would be busy playing in the sand and water, my father and Shashi Kapoor used to chat over a drink. His first love was his wife Jennifer. He was shattered after the passing away of Jennifer, and I don't think he ever overcame that

Ramesh Aravind

"There are stars and there are gentlemen. There are not many actors who have both these traits in equal measure but Shashi Kapoor was a combination of both. His love for theatre was palpable and his contributions to the world of cinema cannot be measured. His good looks and endearing ways made him a popular actor."

Boman Irani

"I have never worked with Shashi Kapoor but I met him once at a wedding almost 30 years ago. He came and sat right next to me and we talked about a variety of topics. He was surrounded by people who wanted to either take a picture or an autograph from him and he obliged them all without a frown. I was impressed with his humility. There was a lot to learn from him. I have always been a huge fan of his and I have grown up on a diet of his films."

Sumalatha Ambareesh

"Everybody who has watched Shashi Kapoor's films will remember him to be a handsome and charming man. He had a distinct class and style of acting. He was also perhaps the most-loved actor on screen. An era has come to an end with the passing away of this veteran actor."

Juhi Chawla

"As a child, I managed to get the autograph of Shashi Kapoorji. As I grew older, whenever anybody asked who my favourite actor was, I would say Shashi Kapoor because I found him charming. I had never dreamt that I would join the film industry one day and when I finally got to meet Shashiji and spend some time with him, I found him to be a very kind and jovial person. He would tap me on my head and jokingly call me "silly girl". From 2010, I spent a lot of time at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital because my brother had been admitted there in the ICU and I would see Shashiji being brought into the hospital on a wheelchair for dialysis. I felt sad. His memory was failing and he didn't recognise me. I am deeply saddened by his passing away."

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