Modi talks about Cong as he has no future plans for Guj: Rahul

Modi talks about Cong as he has no future plans for Guj: Rahul

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he mostly talked about the Congress in his speeches as he had no plans for poll-bound Gujarat's future.

Rahul also promised a "golden future" for the people of Gujarat, and said if the Congress forms government in the western state, it will not take decisions like the (GST) "Gabbar Singh Tax" and demonetisation.

Modi has been strongly criticising the Congress and its policies while on campaign trail in his home state, where the first phase of polling will take place on Saturday.

"Yesterday, I saw (Prime Minister Narendra) Modiji's (election rally) speech. From what I saw, Modiji talked about Congress party and me for 60% of the speech... that Congress party is this, Congress party is that," Rahul told a rally at Anjar in Kutch district.

He said the Assembly election was not about the BJP or the Congress, neither was it about Narendra Modi or him.

"This election is about just one thing, and that is the future of the people of Gujarat. And in his entire speech, Modiji did not talk about your future, as to what the BJP wants to do for you in future," he told the gathering.

Rahul said the prime minister was not talking about his party's future vision for Gujarat because the reality of "Modi model" of development was far removed from what existed on the ground. "You (people of Gujarat) told me things that are different from what was told by the BJP. This is why Narendra Modiji only talks about the Congress party in his speech," he said.

'Golden future'

Rahul promised a "golden future" for the people of Gujarat if Congress came to power.

"We can give you a golden future. We will form the government in Gujarat and take decisions only after listening to you. The Congress chief minister will not take decisions without listening to you, without understanding you. We will not take decisions like Gabbar Singh Tax and note ban," he said.

He said the Congress' manifesto released on Monday contained the "voice of the people of Gujarat".

"We framed a manifesto. And this is not the manifesto of the Congress party. It contains the voice of the people of Gujarat. We went to all sections of society and asked what we can do for you before framing the manifesto," he said.

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