All hotels asked to display status at reception, websites

Last Updated 18 January 2018, 09:26 IST

All hotels will now have to mandatorily display their classification status prominently at the reception and on their websites, according to a new set of guidelines issued by the Ministry of Tourism.

Ministry officials said the new set of guidelines was aimed at streamlining hotel classifications to make them simple, transparent and time-bound.

Hotels in India are categorised under five categories   -   1-5 star - depending on the amenities they provide.

Unlike previously, when the payment for applications for classifications had to be done through demand drafts, such payments can now be done only online, the new guidelines stated.

This, the officials said, ensures eradication of the possibility of delay and manipulation caused by human interference.

Similarly, the new amendments have set a time limit of three months for ensuring compliance.

The amendments have also stated that liquor shops and stores on the premises of a hotel other than bars will not be considered for classification under star hotels "with alcohol" category, to remove any ambiguity.

"It is mandatory for all hotels under whichever classification to display their classification status prominently at the reception and on their websites under a separate icon on the opening page, which will display the order of classification issued by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India," a senior official of the ministry said.

The amendments have included a detailed timeline within which the classification has to be completed.

In every case where the required documents and procedures are fulfilled, the classification will be completed within 90 days.  

(Published 18 January 2018, 09:22 IST)

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