Play hard & study well: Kumble to students

Play hard & study well: Kumble to students

Play hard & study well: Kumble to students

 Ace cricketer Anil Kumble says though people  said he cannot be a good spinner because he cannot turn the ball, he proved them wrong with sheer patience and perseverance.  

"People say those who play sport will not have time for study and those who study will not get to play. But in my life, my passion for cricket helped me study. I became a cricketer before I finished my studies. So, don't give up," Kumble, himself an engineering graduate, told students.  

He said patience and perseverance were necessary for everyone, be it a student, bowler or batsman.

"Try to play a team sport and you will understand individual achievements are not enough. You need to look beyond yourself and play as part of a team even as you have to work hard individually for its success," he added.

The master bowler took questions after handing out scholarships given by the UVCE Foundation, a philanthropic organisation formed by the alumni of the University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (UVCE). Scholarships worth Rs 25 lakh were given to 229 students.

When Kumble began his speech as the chief guest, excited students requested him to speak Kannada and he obliged.

Rajeev Chamraj, of the UVCE Foundation, US,
said the alumni body had evolved in the 13 years of its existence.