Stany registers twin victories

Stany registers twin victories

Earlier, in the second round Stany eased past Mangalore’s Praveen Kamath.  
Former state champion Aravind Shastry of Bangalore also won his second and third round matches against Mysore’s Amogha HA and Sushrutha Reddy of Bangalore respectively.
Mysore’s Girish A Koushik scored twin victories.

Girish scored an easy win over Neeraj S Pai of Shimoga in the second round and then the Mysorean pipped Ganesh Kumar of Mangalore in the third round.

Naren N Kumar overcame Gautam J K’s challenge while Suraj M beat Vanessa D’Souza to conjure up three points each after three rounds of matches.
In days other matches, Gopal Krishna P overcame Nisha N Patkar and Upendra K defeated Gautam J K.

As many as eight players share the top spot with three points after three round of matches.

Earlier, in round two, held in the morning, Yashas D outplayed Rakshith R Umesh and Gautam J K scored a comfortable victory over Chrisel Ann Pais.

Important Results: Round III: Karthik HS (2) lt to Stany GA (3); Sushrutha Reddy (2) lt to Arvind Shastry (3); Ganesh Kumar (2) lt to Girish A Koushik (3); Yashas D (2.5) drew Augustin A (2.5); Navalgund Niranjan (3) bt Kaushik R (2); Suraj M (3) bt Vanessa D`souza (2); Nisha N Patkar 2 lt to Gopal Krishna P (3); Raju M (2.5) drew Shreeshan S (2.5); Santosh Kashyap HG (3) bt Satvik M (2); Deshik KJ (2) lt to Nihal Manjunath (3); Gautam JK (2) lt to Naren N Kumar (3); Sumith Bhat (2) lt to Upendra K (3); Kulkarni Vinayak (3) bt Manoj R (2); Nikhilesh M Holla 2 lt to Sameer Ghotane (3); Kishan Gangolli (3) bt Shyam Sunder HS (2).

Round II: Stany GA (2) bt Praveen Kamath (1); Arvind Shastry (2) bt Amogha HA (1); Girish A Koushik (2) bt Neeraj S Pai (1); Rakshith R Umesh (1) lt to Yashas D (2); Gahan MG (1.5) drew Vijeth TA (1.5); Gautam MD (1) lt to Navalgund Niranjan (2); Shreyas Sudhakar (1) lt to Suraj M (2); Gopalkrishna P (2) bt Andria L D`Souza (1); Shalon Joanne Pais (1) lt to Raju M (2); Gavi Siddayya (1) lt to Manoj R (2); Pangal Gopalkrishna Nayak (1) lt to Santoshkashyap HG (2); Nihal Manjunath (2) bt Yarra Hemachandra Rao (1); Chrisel Ann Pais (1) lt to Gautam JK (2); Upendra K (2) bt Manas Lakshmiprasad (1); Shreyas Ram DN (1) lt to Kulkarni Vinayak (2).