Bikers on footpaths: They just don't care

Bikers on footpaths: They just don't care

Two-wheeler riders continue to hog footpaths, putting pedestrians at grave risk.

From hurling abuse to complaining to the traffic police, pedestrians have tried everything, but the menace continues.

The police say they are doing their bit by recommending revocation of the licences of offenders. They levy fines too.

R Hitendra, additional commissioner of police (Traffic), says, "There is no point spending money on campaigns against footpath riding. Requests don't seem to be working."

He wants more barriers to prevent two-wheelers from getting on to footpaths.

"We have requested the BBMP to barricade footpaths so that it becomes unfriendly for motorists and safe for pedestrians," he says.

That may not be the best solution, a road user said, if the footpaths have to be disabled-friendly.

The Bengaluru Traffic Police has been dealing with footpath riding quite seriously. In 2017, 18,889 cases were booked by the Bengaluru Traffic Police which comes to an average of  1574 cases per month.  In January  2018, the BTP's website
states that  1556  cases have been booked.  

Growing menace

Manish Rungta, assistant chief traffic warden (Ulsoor), says, "This practice is seen during peak hours, when the traffic police are stretched to the maximum."

The Regional Transport Office receives requests for revocation of licences on two counts: drunken driving and other offences. Riding on footpaths comes under the second category.

Premalatha S from the transport department says, "Whenever the police flag down a vehicle and take a motorist's licence away, a report is sent to the RTO from where the information goes to our headquarters."

Riding on the footpath is punishable under a clause titled 'Dangerous Drive Two Wheeler' in the Motor Vehicles Act and attracts a penalty of Rs 300.

Fine just Rs 300

At times these riders don't stop even when they see a policeman. We don't chase them as it could lead to scary accidents."
MANISH RUNGTA, Assistant chief traffic warden (Ulsoor)

Licences suspended

Drunken driving

Suspended: 1,664
Pending: 419

Other offences

Suspended: 128
Pending: 89
(Last statistics available for October 2017)

Solution or not?

The Ulsoor traffic police used rods from old hoardings and placed them as barriers on footpaths on 100 Ft Road. But then, this also puts the disabled at a further disadvantage.

Metrolife campaign: Caught any?

Metrolife invites readers to email pictures of two-wheeler riders hogging footpath space.
Please mention your name, phone number and details (date, time) of when you captured the picture. We will publish a selection of such pictures to warn riders against the practice. Send your email to

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