Movies, Maggi and myself

Last Updated 22 March 2018, 11:54 IST

There are some things in my life that haven't changed even after I joined the entertainment industry.

I usually start my Friday evenings at the movie theatres. I am a movie buff and I make it a point to catch the movies on the releasing day itself. The only time I don't do this is if I have a friend's birthday or any other event to attend. That's fine though; I just watch the movie on Saturday instead (laughs).

My idea of a perfect weekend involves hanging out with friends. Since I live alone, my house is usually the party hub and my friends come over. We watch movies, catch up on each other's lives and have a great time.

I don't like going to clubs. Sadly, I always get tricked by my friends to go to the club. They usually say that it's someone's birthday and we have to go out and celebrate.

They are lucky that I am bad at remembering my friends' birthdays. I always end up going to a crowded club and then eagerly wait to head back home.

The life of an actor is such that the concept of weekends doesn't really apply to us. Whenever we don't have any projects or when the director tells us that we can take off, that becomes our weekend. When I was hosting the Box Cricket League, I didn't really get the time to relax and catch up on movies. Now that I am taking a break, I am making the most of this time.

It's hard to plan trips as our schedules are unpredictable. But I went on a weekend getaway with my friend last week and it was wonderful.

The events that I host take me to different parts of the world. And if it is an unexplored place, I extend my stay by a couple of days.

I hosted a lunch for my friends recently when my parents were in town. I just love eating but cooking is not on my list of favourite activities.

There are only two things I can make - omelette and sweet Maggi. People are usually surprised when I say that
I make sweet Maggi but it's a test that they have to pass to become my friends (laughs).

I'm glad that I have a cook who makes some yummy dishes for me. But when she isn't available, I have a number of friends and their families who are very happy to feed me. I'm quite lucky like that.

Eating healthy is something I consciously do but I make sure that I binge eat when I head to the movies. It's my party time. I order pretty much everything on the menu - from popcorn and rolls to brownies.

I'm a Sagittarian so being alone is something I absolutely hate. I love meeting new people. But the only time that I don't mind being alone is when I am sketching. It's the one hobby that I enjoy and it helps me relax.

One of the things that I have been actively doing for the last couple of weeks is exploring new restaurants in the city. I used to be a lazy person who didn't enjoy going out much. But thanks to a foodie friend, I've made it my agenda to explore food joints and try out new dishes.

Few of my favourite things

Going to the movies

Watching sketches on the internet

Reading spiritual books

Listening to music

Interesting conversations

(Published 22 March 2018, 11:54 IST)

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