Tankers to supply free drinking water

Tankers to supply free drinking water

Beginning Saturday, each constituency will be provided with two water tankers which would supply drinking water free of cost to all the areas falling under its jurisdiction, announced Chairperson P B Ramamurthy.

“The tankers would function during the day as well as night and would draw water from the service stations of Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board,” he said.

The capacity of the tankers ranges between 6,000 litres and 10,000 litres.


The move, if successful, would offer financial relief to countless families, who spend amounts ranging between Rs 500 and Rs 1,500 a month for buying water through tankers.
Another move that would be implemented is the sinking of four borewells in each constituency.

Water shortage

“The borewells would be sunk in areas which reel under water shortage and the particular points would be decided by the local MLA,” the Chairperson said.