Sewage at vented dam rocks CMC meet

Sewage at vented dam rocks CMC meet

Speaking on the occasion, CMC President Dinaker Shetty assured the house that the problem will be solved with the setting up of a wet well at Kalsanka. The wet well will start functioning shortly. The construction of wet well has been completed.

Only electricity connections have to be given to the wet well. Once the work gets over, the sewage clogged in the area will be pumped into Nittur recycling plant. The operational break down of the two existing wet wells in the city resulted in the accumulation of the sewage close to the vented dam near Kalmadi, he added.

‘CMC neglected’

The members alleged that the district administration is neglecting the CMC with regard to the crucial affairs concerned to the development of the city.  The issue has been continuously tabled before the house in previous meets for debate. However, the outcome of the resolutions taken by the CMC members seems to be having less impact on district administration.

They said Police Department has installed signals and blinkers in most of the traffic junctions within the city limits without consulting the CMC. Member M R Nayak and Kiran Kumar raised the issue and urged for detailed information on the transparency of the process. Tenders have not been invited. The installment of a single signal light costs nearly Rs 8 lakh and a total amount of Rs 160 lakh will be spent on 20 signal lights. The decision of police officials on the matter shows its carefree attitude towards CMC, they alleged.

Commissioner Gokuldas Nayak informed that the entire process of setting up of signal lights and blinkers is taken up under the supervision of district police department. The CMC is in no way connected to the work, he said. Member R M Nayak expressed concern over the drainages causing inconveniences to the public during rainy season. Heavy rain will block the drainage channels and entire city will be flooded. The drainages on either side of the stretches should be cleared to facilitate free flow of water. Measures should be taken immediately as the city is already expecting its first showers, he said.

Congress member Jayananda alleged that the residents in Kukkunje, Gopalpur and some parts of Doddannagudde are deprived of regular supply of drinking water. Swarna 2nd stage of drinking water scheme seems to be a failure, he alleged.

BJP members unanimously alleged that the opposition’s allegations holds no truth. “The CMC has not received any complaint on drinking water problem. The Swarna 2nd stage drinking water scheme has helped out to solve the existing drinking water problems,” informed the President.

The Commissioner said there is a demand for nearly 15 MLD water. “Currently, we are pumping 18 MLD water for 13,000 connections in the city. The water connections may go up to 20,000 in the future,” he added. The other issues discussed included sacking of revenue officials if they continue with their awkward behavior towards public. Vice-President Indira Shekar was present.