Combination of classical and contemporary

Combination of classical and contemporary


Combination of classical and contemporary

The dancers at the event.

While it was preceded by a traditional dance, this performance was in a way, a continuation of the Indian dance form in a new environment. The performance was like an experimental interpretation of the classical dance forms and was successful in being innovative yet in keeping with the traditional dance movements.

Vajra, as the performance was called, was described as a diamond and lightning. And both these interpretations connected to the qualities of indestructibility, shakti, brilliance, immortality, unbridled power, enlightenment and tangible forms of the permanence of divinity. The production could be described as an exciting mixed media collaboration which encompassed original music, photographic art, interactive multimedia design, costume design, ancient, esoteric and modern literature and martial arts with dance.

The performance started off with the performers inside a circular prop and soon transformed into a visual treat for the audience members who were subjected to a highly innovative dance forms. The orange, red and white costumes, worn by the dancers, brought out the intensity of the performance as they performed breath-taking stunts which were not only a treat for the eyes but were also technically sound. The principal dancers — Madhu Nataraj, Janardhan Raj Urs, Ponnamma Devaiah, Ramya Nagaraj and Keerthi Kumar, were brilliant in bringing out the human spirit as an indestructible force, the theme of the dance performance.

The dance shifted gears occasionally between a play with prop-like swords to complete classical movements. Though the contemporary dance moves were great to watch, the definite high points of the performance were the classical moves. Adding to the performance were the moving visuals in the background that increased the power and the effect of the whole dance.

Umesh Ganjam, who had developed the concept, had designed it to bring out the human spirit as a potent vessel for receiving and emanating brilliance and as a weapon that wields wisdom. And Madhu Nataraj, who was behind visualisation and choreography of the entire show, was brilliant in using props, colours, music and visual to create an environment of absolute awe on stage.

The performance, with gravity-defying stunts and the nuances of classical dance was a heady mix for the audience who enjoyed every bit of it. “The dance was amazing and I was totally bowled over by how appealing it all looked even though it was a stage performance,” said Ramesh, a dance enthusiast who had come to watch the show.