Today's letters

Today's letters

UK hung verdict

Sir, The book is open and the page has turned after nearly 13 years. The Tories have not won an outright victory but have increased chances of forming an alliance, notwithstanding the possibility of the incumbent Prime Minister continuing in office to negotiate a coalition, as also the constitutional script permitting parties with a plurality of votes to form a minority government. Liberal democrats who favoured electoral reforms as a non-negotiable principle will be game for political reforms should the alliance seeker holds that critical. It is a clear field and a perfect test for the values and convictions the leaders hold in a situation when the electorates' trust has seen a marked shift due to recent unsavoury episodes in Britain's history. Will it be Gordon Brown's "strong, stable and principled government" or David Cameron's "government in national interest" is the final question.

Raja Srinivasan

NY plot probe roads lead to Taliban
This is with reference to NY plot probe roads lead to Taliban appearing in DH dated 07MAY10Suspected New York bomber Shahzad Faisal is said to have confessed attending terror camps in Pakistan. What is intriguing is Shahzad’s exposure of Pakistan’s double standards in its foreign affair dealings. In the past India had revealed existence of terror training camps with evidences but Pak remained adamant and continued denying vehemently Similarly when US authorities were seen investigating the NY bomber case suddenly Pak has become proactive by arresting few suspects much to the thrill of US.
Deepak Chikramane

Kasab death verdict: Long wait before implementation
We have been witnessing unnecessary euphoria,media debates,interviews by 26/11 victims' relatives,survivors,etc...surrounding the 'death sentence' handed over to the lone surviving terrorist Ajmal Kasab.Reports suggest that the actual implementation of the death sentence would take several years.The common man needs to worry  that his tax money is being used to maintain such criminals.Over Rs.75 crores have already been spent on keeping Ajmal Kasab in prison.Several more crores will go down the drain by the time Kasab meets the hangman !

Our politicians are united in 'hailing' the known verdict.It appears somewhat cruel to welcome the harsh punishment like 'hanging till he dies' on a 21 year old boy. In that respect from the Harvard educated Chidambaram to the Oxford educated Dr.Manmohan Singh all seem to be sadists.

It must be known that ;there will always be a slip between the cup and the lip'.Between the verdict and the implementation of the vedict many things can take place.The onus of expediting the implementation of the verdict of  Justice Tahilyani must fall on the UPA Ministry and all those who are elated over the verdict.Perhaps the Supreme Court could pass a landmark ruling that all ministers and politicians in India would draw only 25% of their remuneration till the verdict of death sentence is implemented.The money saved would be utilised to keep Kasab,Afzal Guru, death cell till then.Thus the tax payers' money should only be used for the good of the tax payers.Perhaps only then our elated politicians would take matters seriously.
The only other alternative would be to try and 'request' Pakistan to meet the expenses of maintaining their citizens in Indian Jails.
 Kanakapura Main Rd


Hang Kasab and Afzal Guru Immediately
No doubt all the right thinking people of the world would welcome the death sentence to Kasab. The proof of pudding lies in eating, so goes the saying. The proof of the victims of 26/11 attack getting justice will be in hanging of Kasab. If this government could not hang Afzal Guru till date, then, there is no guarantee that Kasab would be hanged any sooner. All the efforts made by the police, the lawyers and the judges to bring the culprits of 26/11 attack to justice will go down the drain if the hanging is delayed. One day the human rights activists may even get him released on the eve of one of our parliamentary elections by pressurizing our secular pro-Pakistan government. It is high time that our secular government comes out of its shell, fast tracks both the cases of Afzal Guru and Kasab and hangs them immediately so that the souls of the victims of 26/11 attack rest in peace.

Narayan Paga
Rani Chennamma Nagar, Dharawad-580001

Radon in water poses health hazard
This refers to ‘High carcinogenic gas in borewell water’ (DH, May 06). The Central Ground Water Board has issued a warning about the presence of carcinogenic gas in borewell water. But it fails to educate on the ‘dos and donts’. The levels of radon gas are also not mentioned. Many residents use the borewell water for drinking and domestic purposes. What causes the presence of radon in the ground water, what are the preventive measures and what can the residents do to make the water safe for the usage are some of the questions, which still remain unanswered.Radon causes lung cancer and risks rises 16% per 2.7pCi/L increase in the radon exposure.The presence of radon gas in the ground water is not a matter that can be overlooked. The environmentalist and the health ministry needs to wake up to the fact and address this issue promptly.


MPs busy enriching themselves
It is shocking to read the news that MPs pay is slated to shoot up by 100% (DH 6.5.10). Normally hike may revolve around 15 to 20 percent, at the most. It is ridiculous for the politicians to enrich themselves substantially in this manner. Such a hike in their monthly emoluments is unprecedented and unwarranted  Instead of providinng flat emoluments and allowances, a mechanism may be devised to pay certain nominal fixed pay plus the time spent by the MP/minister in the parliament, as some MPs and even ministers are not regular in attendance. 

MPs are cost centres to the Indian public and they should not take the country for a ride on non-business issues.

R S Raghavan