Water crisis in city ward aggravates

Water crisis in city ward aggravates

Water crisis in city ward aggravates

People collecting water from a well in a farm on the outskirts of Chikkaballapur. DH PHOTO

Since the last two months there is severe shortage of drinking water. They are cursing the CMC as it is not distributing water properly.

Earlier drinking water was being supplied once a week. But it is more than two months since water has been supplied. However, every day water was being supplied pumping it through borewell. Even this has completely stopped leading to more crisis, alleged the people living in the area.

CMC has appointed a temporary worker to supply water. He will distribute water only if he is given money. If not he will not release the water.

Hence, a situation has arisen where we are forced to buy water in drums, said the residents expressing their helplessness.

The drinking water crisis has been brought to the notice of the CMC members and the officials. But they have completely ignored their plea.

The owners of the surrounding farm lands are also hesitating to give water. If one day they give water, then every day people will queue up to collect water. This will result in the farm lands being trampled. Hence they refuse to release water, said the women of ward 22.  
When the elections approach, the leaders of every party scramble to provide water in tankers. But now when they are crying for it, the leaders could not care less, said the affected residents.

The CMC officers and elected representatives should at least now concentrate on providing succour to them, demanded the residents.