Guard yourself against greed

Guard yourself against greed

But this offer also has its pitfalls for the crazy customer who likes to buy and buy even without need, just for the sake of buying. It is almost like the gambler being drawn to gambling; always hoping that luck would favour him the next time. It could also be compared to the compulsive smoker or drug addict who is drawn to his habit however much he may try to resist it.

Those who splurge money on such purchases end up by not knowing how to keep their craze going. They may go into debts and as it has happened in some unfortunate cases.
They do not hesitate even to steal and cheat in subtle ways. In today’s consumerist world we need to check ourselves and get out of the snares of the advertisers, know their techniq - ues and intent to make fast money at your expense. Knowing their wiles is like being forewarned to avoid their traps of freebees!

The Gospel tells us how we could resist such temptations. Jesus would recommend that you do not hoard but be ready to share. He who has much should be ready to share with the one who does not have anything. His recommendation to a rich young man who wanted to be perfect is well known:”Sell all you own and distribute the money to the poor” (Luke 18.22).

Jesus said this to him because he knew that in this rich young man’s case his undue attachment to wealth was keeping him from coming closer to God. On another occasion he warns against greed and hoarding.

When a man wanted Jesus to intervene in a property dispute between brothers, Jesus retorted: “Take care! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed, for one’s life does not consist in abundance of possessions” (Luke 12. 15).

So it is good if you are afflicted by the craze to buy things unnecessarily to ask yourself:”Do I need it so badly that I cannot manage without it? Does it in any way add to the quality of my life and my neighbours? Does it bring in some positive value? Does it fulfil a genuine need? Otherwise why buy and keep it and not know what to do with it? Be generous and give away what you really do not need.

Better to go to heaven with light luggage because when we die we are not going to carry any of our wealth with us. Even if you were buried in a coffin of gold it will be of no use to you.

 So think well before you step into a shopping mall. Better don’t even go for window shopping in such places because you are bound to end up buying useless things and burdening yourself in many a way. Be free!