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Fashion fix

Best foot forward

Our feet are designed to walk on soft surface like sand or grass but modernisation has led to us to do quite the opposite. We have to walk on hard and concrete surfaces which affect the alignment of our feet. Other than this we also subject our feet to high heels. This results in back pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain and even migrane.

Here are a few tips to protect your feet: 

*High heels cause pain in the ball of the heel. Avoid wearing them continuously for a long duration.
*For daily wear choose comfortable sandals or shoes that help in maintaining body posture.
*Do regular exercises to stretch muscles — even while sitting at work. Curl your toes once in a while to stimulate blood circulation and stretch muscles.
*Walk barefoot on sand or grass for 15-20 minutes every day. In addition to maintaining posture it will make you feel good.
*Do not sit or stand for a very long period. Take frequent breaks and walk around.
*Avoid shoes that are uncomfortable or tight as ingrowth of nails will start to occur.
*Wash you feet before you sleep. Make sure the feet are not kept moist for long.
*Do not wear wet or damp shoes as they will give rise to bacterial/ fungal infections.
*Get a massage or pedicure done once a month.

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