'Kuncha Kahale' today

'Kuncha Kahale' today

Around 40 artists will paint a 50-metre long canvas on negetive aspects of development

 They will paint a 50 metre long canvas in front of Deputy Commissioner’s office in Mangalore, through the whole day on Saturday, taking the common man to the negative aspects of so called development.

According to a press release issued in this regard, Dakshina Kannada has recently witnessed height of irresponsibility from the part of the authorities when they demolished a house with fertile land around it and acquired it for industrial expansion. The atrocity meted out by Gregory Patrao tells what lies ahead for Dakshina Kannada in the coming years.

The district has a fragile ecosystem, which casts upon the citizens the responsibility to preserve and protect the environment. Every citizen wishes that the development be more humane and ecofriendly and that each of them should be a stake holder in the progress of the land.

The Special Economic Zones in the guise of development, have uprooted many a lives with scant regard for human dignity.

As an awareness call to the general public to wake up to this harsh reality, around 40 artists have come together to stage a unique demonstration of the evils of reckless development being witnessed around. ‘Kuncha Kahale’, Cry of the canvas, will try to place before the general public the negative side of MSEZ.

It is an art camp and signature campaign on the effects of MSEZ on the ecology of Dakshina Kannada.

The valedictory will be held at 4 pm, stated the release.