Bhatkal, a haven for terrorists?

Bhatkal, a haven for terrorists?

One suspected militant arrested at Bajpe airport on Monday

The Mumbai rail blast, German Bakery blast near Pune and Bangalore blasts all had Bhatkal connections, suspect the police. With the arrest of one more suspected terrorist in Bajpe airport on Monday by the A T S police, the question being asked is just how many more terrorists are there in Bhatkal.

In the Mumbai rail blast when the name of Bhatkal’s Riaz Shabandri came to light, the Mumbai Anti Terrorist police squad swooped down on him and collected all the information regarding the activities of India Mujahiddeen. They found out that more than 12 people were active members of this terrorist organisation which was involved in blasts all over the country.

When the Pune German Bakery blast happened it was found that terrorist Ahmed Yaseen was a associate of Riaz Shabandri. Now, it is being said that the terrorist Abudl Samad whom the police arrested on Monday is also the accused in the German Bakery blast.

The other 10 to 12 members in the terrorist list are there on whom the police is keeping an hawk’s eye and they include Ahmed Siddique, Bapa Mohammad Hussain, Farhan, Hafeez Jailani, Mohammed Gurfan, Abdul Khadar, Sultan Iqbal, Syed Abdul, Majeed and Arif Mohateshyam.  The names of these terrorists are no longer a secret and they have are all hiding in other countries, it is said.

If only Indian Mujahiddeen founder terrorist Riaz Bhatkal is arrested, it will not take much time to arrest other terrorists from Bhatkal. Along with this the stigma attached to Bhatkal will also go.