Tulsi-based medicine to minimise radiation effects

Tulsi-based medicine to minimise radiation effects

"We are working on developing a Tulsi-based medicine to minimise the effects of radiation on humans," DRDO's Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS) Director R P Tripathi told PTI here.

The INMAS Director said leaves of 'Krishna Tulsi' plant, which has black leaves and is found mainly in southern parts of the country, are being used in the project. "Active ingredients of the leaves have been isolated and used in the medicine," he added.

Tripathi said INMAS, which is celebrating its golden jubilee, is working on the project for the last five years and Professor Uma Devi, a former doctor at the Bhopal cancer hospital, is also involved in it. Clinical trials of the medicine are likely to start soon.

The Tulsi plant is considered to be having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing properties and is used in many households for treating cold and cough and other minor ailments. Tripathi said that similar work is being carried out on few other herbs found in the high altitude areas of Ladakh and Himalayas.

Once developed, the medicine will be given to armed forces and other agencies. Tripathi said leading institutes from the United States have shown interest in working together with the Defence Research and Development Organisation on the project .