A world of fruits and flowers

A world of fruits and flowers

Realising the fact that birds and monkeys are attacking coffee and areca plantation only because they are not getting sufficient fruits and flowers naturally, growers are now showing inclination towards growing flower and fruit plants.

Cashing on this development, Hardikar nursery has brought rare and hybrid variety of plants right from all season jackfruit, grapes, varieties of mangoes, cashews, cardamom, cloves, nutneg, drumsticks, papaya, sappota, lemon etc.

Malnad hybrid lemon, white lemon, all season lemon, hybrid nutmeg, Nagpur orange, musumbi, pomogranate, Anjir, jamun, seedless jamun, ‘sarva sambaru’ plant (all spices), brinda, rambtan, mangostien, egg fruit, butter fruit, wood apple, Kashmir apple, durian, peach, plum, custard apple, gooseberry, guava, pink guava, strawberry, sweet tamarind, litchy, ice apple, Singapore cherry, red cherry, Noni, silver, areca, coconut, coffee, Nagalinga pushpa, rose, hybiscus, christmas tree, Jerbara are available here along with various other fruits.

Hardikar nursery is the result of decades of hard work of Vasanth Kumar Hardikar.

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