Prodigal son unites with family

Prodigal son unites with family

The boy was found sleeping at the B C Road bus stand. When the police inquired, he finally revealed his identity and address and hence was sent home.


Hareesh (20), son of Nagaraj Gowda, a resident of Bettadhapura in Bettadha Linga D G Koppal of Mysore district was the long lost son who found his way back home.

Seeing his mother physically abusing another person, Hareesh feared that the same treatment would be given to him. Hence he left his home on April 7, 2004, when he was 14. After running away from home, Hareesh started to work in a hotel in Bangalore and recently he shifted to Mangalore and took up a mason’s job.

Fed up with his job in Mangalore, Hareesh decided to return back to Bangalore. Hence, he had booked the ticket and boarded the train on Monday evening but got down in B C Road hearing about bundh in Bangalore. Nowhere to go, Hareesh was forced to spend the night in the B C Road bus stand where Bantwal Sub Inspector M R Thahashildar who was on his rounds found him at 3.30 am. Upon inquiry, he revealed his story. Immediately, the police enquired in Betthadhapura Police Station and found that a case was registered against him being missing. With no further delay, the police informed his parents and on hearing the news, Nagraj Gowda came to Bantwal Police station to take home his long lost son.

“We had searched for him in Mandya, Sullia, Mysore, Coorg and many more places. We have even vowed to God to find him and now we need Rs 50,000 to fulfil the vows,” said an overwhelmed Nagraj Gowda who is grateful to the police.