Irrelevant road humps to go: Acharya

Irrelevant road humps to go: Acharya

Mentioning that the records regarding the accidents due to unscientific humps have not been maintained even in the police stations, he said that most of the humps are against the norms prescribed by Indian Road Congress.

He said that even the humps close to the Vidhana Soudha are unscientific. Despite the banning of humps on State and National Highways, many still exist.

“ Even when we write to DCs or ZPs or TPs, humps have been retained due to the pressure from Villagers,” he said. It is time to lay scientific humps, he said.

When Venkatesh (JD (S)) pointed out that accidents happen only during the night, Motamma suggested to use zebra stripes instead of humps to prevent the accidents.

Acharya further said that the Karnataka Land Army Corporation has been entrusted with the work of painting the road humps.

He said that cat eyes have been fixed in the road junctions and road dividers to help the riders.