When hip-hop met contemporary...

When hip-hop met contemporary...

Dancing Away

When hip-hop met contemporary...

One of the teams.

A dance competition called Ntrutya Spardhe-2010, was organised by dancer Kiran Kumar’s Fame Invisible Dance Academy (Fida), recently at Ravindra Kalakshetra. It saw breathtaking performances by professional dance maestros in the City.

The programme, which was organised in order to raise funds for Amma Sevashram an orphanage, was graced by many film personalities. Jayamala, former president, KFCC; actresses Tara and Priya Hassan, actor Anirud Jatkar, producer Suresh Gowdru,  music director Krupakar spoke on the occasion and promised all possible help to build a strong future for the children of the ashram.

Students from Amma Sevashram expressed their gratitude through the opening dance Kannige kanuva devaru endare ammanu tane and showcased their latent talents. After that, a team led by Kiran Kumar and Shylaja took the stage and exhibited their creativity through a medley of hip-hop, contemporary and filmy fusion dances.

Little masters of the Challenging Dance School presented a group dance for the song ‘Moda modala matu chenda’. The performance received a standing ovation from the audience.

Finally, Style Boys who performed a fusion dance emerged winners of the contest. Team Inspire, which presented a fusion dance with elements of hip-hop to the tunes of Step Up and the team from Nataraja School of Dance, who shook their legs to a song from Malla, were the first and second runners-up respectively.

Actress Tara, Priya Hassan distributed the prizes. “The competition was a feast for the eyes as all the contestants are experienced professional dancers. I got to see some good choreogaphy and new techniques,” said Amaranath, an amateur dancer.