Women demand fair food security law

Women demand fair food security law

Women demand fair food security law

Women, who took out a march in Urukuntemittur and Angondlahalli villages said that the draft bill on Food Security was not pro-people in any way and sought that the present version should include pro-people provisions.

They sought safeguards for economically weaker sections of the society in the Bill to be presented in the monsoon session of the Parliament.

Conservation measures

The members said conservation of soil fertility and water should be the focus of the proposed legislation. Farm lands should not be taken away from the farmers under any circumstances.

The Government should declare support price for various crops like ragi, jowar, bajra and other foodgrains, every year.

The members further demanded that the crops grown by the farmers should be purchased at the local markets and should be warehoused locally. They should be made available to eligible beneficiaries of public distribution system through fair price shops, they sought.

Universal PDS

Demanding a universal public distribution system, the protesters sought to abolish Above Poverty Line and Below Poverty Line category of ration cards. They demanded uniformity in category of cards and that sexual minorities too should be brought under the system.
The ration cards must be compulsorily in the name of women and their utility must be restricted for purchase of foodgrains and nothing else. Fair Price Shops should be run by government only and must not be given to private parties for any reason.

Each card holder must be provided with a minimum of 14 kg of foodgrain, 15 kg dal and 800 grams of edible oil. Foodgrains must be disbursed at half price to widows, physically-challenged and minorities.

The members demanded formulation of the legislation considering the social security and food security of children as well. President of the okkuta H M Lakshmamma led the padayatra.