Unforgettable harmony

Unforgettable harmony

Unforgettable harmony

 Uli Lenz and François Jeanneau .

The concert saw the presence of the musicians François Jeanneau, Uli Lenz and Muthu Kumar Varadarajan playing together for the first time.
The event had a mix of music lovers from all over the City, who were there for this extravaganza which turned out to be a grand success.

The event was an Elysée Fund project, also supported by the French and German Consulates General in South India. This unique concert brought together musicians from three nations— France, Germany and India in a unique contemporary celebration of century-old traditions in music. The musicians created a unique harmony, embodying the true spirit of inter-cultural friendship and exchange. “Une magnifique tournée,” said Nino Ciccarone, Director, Alliance Française de Bangalore, describing the event.  Evelin Hust, Director, Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan added, “Fantastische Harmonie.”

 And Aruna Sunderlal, aptly summed it up with these words, “Three great musicians from three great nations, together would create unforgettable harmony.” The concert had pianist Uli Lenz (Berlin) and saxophonist François Jeanneau (Paris) playing for the audience.

These acknowledged musicians, who are known world wide for their work in the contemporary European jazz scenario, played their latest compositions, combining the purity of traditional jazz with the boldest of improvisations.

It was an experience in itself to hear such maestros playing and it was no less than magical when these two were joined on stage by the young and already promising tabla player, Muthu Kumar Varadarajan from Bangalore.  

The three musicians together created fusion that was unheard of before and it was a moment to be cherished. The music was soft and enchanting and was mixed with the beautiful rhythms of the tabla which only enhanced the complexity of the music.

“I wish there were more concerts like this which would  bring together so many cultures and give people in the city an opportunity to listen to such amazing music,” said Himanshu, a professional and a music lover.

“The music was nothing less than divine,” he added.