Probe panel submits report to Hockey India

Probe panel submits report to Hockey India

Both Kaushik and the player Ranjitha Devi had filed their replies to the committee Thursday.  
The committee, comprising Rajiv Mehta (chairman), Olympians Ajit Pal Singh, Zafar Iqbal, Sudarshan Pathak and Anupam Ghulati met this afternoon to finalise the report.
HI secretary-general Narinder Batra said the federation's recommendations to Sports Authority of India (SAI) Saturday.

"The inquiry committee has sibbmitted its report to HI today. We will go through the report and make our  recommendations to SAI tomorrow," Batra told reporters.

Mehta said they have had enough testimonies and  they will not be talking to the players who are participating in the Asian Champions Trophy in Busan.

"We have had a lot of testimonies, we have spoken to Kuishik, the girl (Ranjitha), and some of the players  and the manager of the team (Madhu Yadav).  We do  not need to talk to anyone  else."

Kaushik Wednesday had resigned as the national coach, saying his position has become untenable after the charges by Ranjitha and some former players.