Students yet to get SSLC marks sheets

Students yet to get SSLC marks sheets

Legal complication over tender process has caused delay

Not a single school in the State has received the marks cards from the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) even after the announcement of the supplementary exams results a few days ago. The schools couldn’t respond to the anxious students as they have also not got any response from the Education Department about the delay.

The delay is attributed to a legal complication over the tenders issued by the Primary and Secondary Education Department for printing and laminating of marks sheets. Commissioner of Public Instruction (CPI) Shashidhar K R said the first round of tender resulted in a legal hurdle with the lowest bidders selected for the task withdrawing at the eleventh hour. “We were forced to go for a second round of floating tenders for a short term,” he added.

The CPI was unable to respond to the letters from various schools on the delay as the Department itself was unsure about when the marks sheets will be ready.

Mariyappa, Secretary of Karnataka Unaided Schools Management Association said the marks cards were supposed to be despatched when the results of the supplementary exams were announced. “But it has been more than a week since the results were announced and none of the member schools have received the marks sheets. We wrote to the CPI asking about it, but we have not received any reply,” he said.

KSEEB Director M N Baig admitted there was a delay but said that all the schools would get the marks sheets within eight days. Contradicting him however, the CPI was unsure when they would be able to despatch the marks sheets. “There are five lakh marks sheets to be issued. It will take at least two more weeks before we can think of despatching them,” he added.