'Economic policy should beframed on basis of equality'

'Economic policy should beframed on basis of equality'

He was speaking at a seminar on ‘MSEZ—media freedom and democracy’ at Milagris Hall Complex here on Saturday. The seminar was held following the release of two fact finding reports prepared by the Transparency International Chairman M F Saldana on MSEZ and episode of the Editor of Karavali Ale B V Seetharam.

Flaying the expansion of SEZ and the issues surrounding B V Seetharam, Shivsundar said that two basic rights of the people namely the right to live and the right to express were being exploited in our country. Article 39 (C) of the Indian Constitution clearly directs the economic policy to be framed on the basis of equality. But what is happening in context to SEZ is totally disgraceful,” he said.

“Welfare state is supposed to be the core of Indian governance where the administration must be in the goodwill of the underprivileged rather than the wealthy people. But in contrast, the SEZ approach is in favour of the rich and sidelines the poor,” he opined.

Justice (retd) M F Saldhana called it as a blunder to break the law of the land which opposes the utilisation of agricultural lands for industrialisation purposes.

The book ‘Horrifying human tragedy called Mangalore SEZ’ dedicated to Gregory Patrao, Meri Bhai and all those who have fought against SEZ was released by Catholic Sabha President Walter Pinto and the book ‘An editor in chains - His miraculous survival’ was released by Milagris Church Association Vice-President Alwyn Rosario.  Karavali Ale editor B V Seetharam, Milagris Catholic Sabha President Honora Periera, PUCL State President P B Desa were present.