Livestock insurance scheme for farmers

According to a press release, National Insurance Company Ltd, divisional office, in front of Central Market, Mangalore will provide the insurance facility for livestock. The aim is to insure 10,000 cattle in Dakshina Kannada district.

Farmers have to pay Rs 166 for a period of one year, Rs 332 for a period of two years and Rs 422 for a period of three years to the insurance amount Rs 10,000. For Rs 15,000 insurance, farmers need to pay Rs 248, Rs 498 and Rs 633 for one, two and three years respectively. For Rs 20,000 of the insurance, they need to pay Rs 332, Rs 663, Rs 844  and for Rs 25,000 of insurance they should pay Rs 415, Rs 830 and Rs 1055 respectively for three different periods.

The premium of the insurance is subsidised upto 50 per cent and the entire cost of the subsidy is borne by the Government. In order to implement the scheme effectively, the officials of milk producers union, veterinary departmet officials will visit the houses.

The Deputy Director of Veterinary Department has requested the farmers to co-operate with those officials. The Deputy Director of Veterinary department will be the implementation officer. For more details contact:  2440674 or  2492337. 

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