Made to clean toilets, student kills self

The girl, identified as  Luxmi, daughter of a daily wage earner, committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling of the room on Wednesday at Bhalasba. According to reports, 13-year-old Luxmi came from a very poor family. Her two brothers were also students of the same school. Luxmi was not charged any fee. The boys were charged confessional fees.
Luxmi’s father Kaluram is a member in a local band party.

As school maid was  unwell and was on leave for the past few days, Luxmi was asked by the principal of Shaheed Digvijai Singh Memorial School to clean the toilets. “Luxmi had been cleaning the toilets for the past nine days...she was also made to clean the school premises,” reports said.

The school management threatened to start charging fee when she refused to clean the toilets. Not only the management, the other students of the school also ridiculed Luxmi as a result of which she felt humiliated, reports said. On Wednesday, Luxmi hanged herself at her home.

Basic Education Officer Rajesh Shah said that an inquiry has been ordered into the matter and the guilty would be sternly punished.

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