Forest officials evict 8 huts

The eviction drive was taken up with police security. As the drive took off, the officials saw intense retaliation from tirbals. However 8 huts were pulled down with the police security.

The tribals had built 22 huts on forest land, informed forest officials, who said that eviction was hence inevitable. Contradicting this, the tribals said that they have been dwelling on the land since generations and hence they have right on the land.
Tribal leaders J K Ramu, Mutha, Muthamma and Appaji visited the spot and held talks with the forest officials.

ACF Alexander said that a meeting with the higher officials will be held on June 22 and steps will be taken to clear off the remaining huts.

However, after seeing 8 huts being pulled down, the tribals too have made up their minds that they would not allow the same to repeat.

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