Unlocking solutions

Unlocking solutions

Unlocking solutions

The result: numerous happy  stories of trafficked victims returning to their families and being reintegrated into the maintream.

Isha Chabra, 19, a Delhi resident, was brought to Bangalore with the promise of a role in a movie. Soon, skimpily clad, she was entertaining inebriated customers in a shady bar - not on reel but in real life. She had to pay off her agent.   Before she landed a film role, the police landed and whisked her away to an NGO for rehabilitation.

After intense counselling, Isha disclosed her family identity. Her father arrived but when he heard Isha had been working in a bar, he refused to accept her. It was then the turn of the father to be counselled and they were reunited.

But for Jaya from Anekal, 25 and HIV infected, reintegration was not easy. She contracted the infection in a Mumbai brothel. She was rescued by an NGO and only after determined efforts by the counsellors, her family took her back.

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