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TruAlt Bioenergy Ltd

TruAlt Bioenergy was established with a visionary goal to pioneer the growth of biofuels in India. With the mantra of ‘Farming Fuel for a Greener Future’, the company embarked on an exceptional journey to reshape the energy paradigm. The broader vision was clear: to transform the environment where bioenergy becomes the primary source of fuel and energy. This vision goes hand-in-hand with empowering the diligent farmers of India, the backbone of the Indian Economy, utilizing their produce to produce not just energy but a brighter future for the nation. Such an initiative not only bolsters the local agrarian economies but ensures a sustainable cyclic economy, wherein FOREX is preserved as expenditure doesn’t seep out of the country. At the heart of TruAlt Bioenergy lies a dedicated team led by visionary minds. Vijay Nirani, the CEO and Managing Director, leads the team with his passion for environmental sustainability and clean energy solutions. Notably, Vijay Nirani has been a pioneering force in the bioenergy sector in India. Working alongside him is Vishal Nirani, Executive Director, who brings profound industry expertise and strategic guidance to the company. Additionally, the entire TruAlt team collaborates closely with Board of Directors and Independent Advisors to the Board, steering the global bioenergy revolution.

Today, TruAlt Bioenergy stands tall on the global map as one of the most sought-after bioenergy companies, thanks to its relentless commitment to innovation and green energy solutions. One of TruAlt’s key strengths lies in its strong agricultural backward integration, coupled with the technical expertise that marks its identity as one of India’s finest producers of ethanol. Central to the company's success are its six state-of-the-art Bioenergy Parks, strategically located with impeccable connectivity, where avant-garde technology meets environment-conscious practices. Together, these Bioenergy Parks churn out an impressive 2.50 million litres of bio-ethanol per day. Further fortifying its mission, TruAlt Bioenergy is also rolling out plans to set up 250 biofuel stations across the country, ensuring a seamless transition towards a biofuel-centric economy.

TruAlt’s efforts not only radiate positive environmental implications but also hold significant national impact. Through initiatives such as the Ethanol Blended Petrol Programme (EBP), TruAlt Bioenergy has played a pivotal role in slashing the nation’s reliance on crude oil imports. By substituting a fragment of fossil fuels with biofuels, the EBP generates significant foreign exchange (FOREX) savings, channeling funds that would have otherwise been spent on external crude oil imports back to rural India, thus enriching the lives of farmers and fostering rural advancement.

At TruAlt Bioenergy, values and beliefs form the cornerstone of its operations. In a world where natural resources have been exploited, the company remains unyielding in its pledge to safeguard Mother Earth and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. With the global momentum shifting towards bioenergy and biofuels, TruAlt is perfectly positioned to be at the helm of this change. The spectrum of products birthed by TruAlt Bioenergy stands as a testament to its versatility and innovative spirit. Among the multitude of offerings, are ethanol extracted from sugarcane juice, B heavy molasses, and C heavy molasses, as well as a variety of other products. This diverse portfolio mirrors TruAlt’s unwavering commitment to meeting various industrial requirements while retaining a laser-focus on sustainability.

In conclusion, TruAlt Bioenergy Ltd stands out as the torchbearer in the bioenergy realm, guiding India's shift towards a greener and more sustainable horizon. With insightful leadership, cutting-edge infrastructures, and an undying commitment to ecological preservation, the company has not just engraved its name on the global canvas but also ignites hope for a cleaner, brighter future for both India and the world.

Vijay Nirani (Captain)

Managing Director

Noboday Ghosh (Goalkeeper)

Senior Creative Designer

Vishal Nirani

Director Operations

Debnath Mukhopadhyay

Chief Financial Officer

Nayythan M Carvalho

Corporate Communications

Nikhil Vellara

Communications Associate

Akshay Siddannavar

Sr.Accounts officer

Rohit Choudhary

Sr. Video Editor