This is the first ever five-a-side football tournament for corporates. Who doesn’t need a bit of the outdoors? This tournament is just what you need to get your execs fired up. There’s nothing like a football tournament to strengthen the competitive drive, build team spirit and motivate your team to reach for the stars.

DH Cup is a rolling trophy that will be a part of corporate agenda in the city. Bengaluru is a city of excellence. This Knowledge Capital of the nation is a regional commercial powerhouse. It is a city of opportunity and home to career-seekers and entrepreneurs from all over the country. DH Cup stands for what this city reflects – excellence, competitive edge and ambition to reach the pinnacle.

Sport demonstrates what teamwork and synergy can do. It brings people together and builds a team that works as one towards a common goal. The key to an organisation’s success in today’s global marketplace is in its cutting-edge technology and certainly in the will to conquer new frontiers.

DH Cup comes year after year to reinforce the significance of fitness, agility and the drive to win. This is a tournament you just cannot not be in.