Four reasons behind The Batman's immense popularity

Batman Day 2021: 4 reasons behind the Caped Crusader's immense popularity

Batman's popularity goes beyond movie buffs and comic enthusiasts

Ben Affleck as Batman. Credit: Twitter/@IMDb

Batman is unarguably one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. In fact, many feel that his popularity goes beyond movie buffs and comic enthusiasts, which makes him a cult figure in his own right. So, what is responsible for the Caped Crusader's immense fan following?  On Saturday, as DC supporters celebrate Batman Day, here is a look at the main factors behind his rich and enviable legacy.

Strong human side

Batman is considered to be the most 'human' superhero from the DC Universe as it relies on intellect and combat skills rather than superpowers to fight crime. This makes him a lot more relatable to the common man than The Flash or Superman, who possess the gift of speed and strength respectively. Moreover, the fact that he uses quite a few cool gadgets and is the owner of the Batmobile makes him the darling of the younger audience.

Inspiring back story

Batman has a compelling backstory that is heroic and tragic in equal measure. Unlike 'The Speedster', he didn't become a superhero because of a mere 'accident'. Moreover, he was not born great. Bruce Wayne chose to be a hero following a tragedy-- his parents' murder-- that marred his childhood.  Furthermore, he opted for 'The Bat' moniker to embrace his fear of bats and instil the same in his adversaries.

The Robin factor

Batman's mentor-like relationship with Dick Grayson, the first Robin, brought out the softer side of his personality. The teenager's enthusiasm made him the perfect foil to the brooding 'Dark Knight', adding a sense of optimism to the vigilante's otherwise grim life. The Batman's exchanges with Jason Todd, the second 'Boy Wonder', too were quite important in this regard. Grayson's untimely death left The Batman with a sense of grief and regret, highlighting he was quite vulnerable at heart.

An iconic rival

A hero needs a strong foe in order to attain cult status. This is exactly where The Batman edges out his peers with ease as Joker, the biggest thorn in his side, is as iconic as can be. The 'Man Who Laughs' established his supremacy over other supervillains in 2006 when he secured the top position in Wizard's list of '100 Greatest Villain of All Time'. He was also the highest-ranked villain in Empire's list of '50 Greatest Comic Book Characters'. Joker's rivalry with 'Batty' too is a bit complex as Gotham's protector is averse to killing him to avoid becoming the 'new joker'.

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